‘Walking Dead’ Fans Have Lots of Feelings About Cliffhanger Ahead of Mid-Season Finale

(Spoilers ahead for the Dec. three episode of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”)

Next week is that the 90-minute midseason finale of “The Walking Dead,” and therefore the show messed with fans reception with a cliffhanger that left many major plot threads supporting for optimum dramatic impact. Then, to feature to everyone’s suffering, the narration over the tease for aforesaid finale guarantees a surprising conclusion that everybody are going to be talking concerning. therefore we tend to don’t understand what’s happening, and additionally in all probability someone is gonna die next week.

Before we tend to dive into the reactions, a fast recap of matters. there have been 3 massive storylines in motion because the episode came to an in depth, with all of them apparently convergence right at the top. 1st is that the scenario with the Saviors in Sanctuary. Eugene (Josh McDermitt) has been tasked with deciding some way to wear down the walkers that surround the compound, and he has come back up with some reasonably arrange that wasn’t elaborate in the week. Eugene is additionally in an exceedingly tenuous scenario with Dwight, UN agency Eugene properly known because the traitor within the Saviors and confronted in private. For now, Dwight’s secret is safe.

Next we’ve got Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Tara (Alanna Masterson), UN agency have set to deviate from The arrange by assaultive Sanctuary before the alliance forces gather. they’d some success, as they were ready to breach Sanctuary’s defenses and let the walkers within, tho’ the Saviors were ready to contain them down on the primary floor. What Tara and Daryl did could have accidentally helped with no matter arrange Eugene came up with.

Then we’ve got Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and therefore the Scavengers, UN agency he gave the impression to have with success recruited to the alliance. however once he semiconductor diode them to Sanctuary, all the walkers there have been already gone.

What will all this add up to? UN agency knows! We’ll need to wait till next week to seek out out. however within the meanwhile, get pleasure from everyone freaking out as we tend to anticipate the opposite shoe to drop.

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